How do I edit my order?


iFixit Australia — How do I edit my order?

If you access the Order Status page within 25 minutes of placing an order, you can choose to edit your order.

You can access your Order Status page immediately after submitting an order, or it can be accessed via the confirmation email that was sent to the email address input at checkout.

The email will be sent from and the subject line will be the same as below

You will need to click the 'View your order' in the email:

This will navigate you to the Order Status page, which if you access it within 25 minutes of placing the order will allow you to edit the order:

We're not able to edit orders after the 25 minute period after an order has been placed on  You're welcome to request a cancellation of a given order and then place a new order for the correct parts—you can do so here

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